Aneurysm by Nirvana
The timing is pretty weird so I suggest that you listen to the song
and then attempt to play along with it. This is not completely right
but it still sounds good!
(Guitar Intro)
CC |-o--------------|
ST |----------------|X2  |-o---o---o---o--|X2
FT |-o---o---o---o--|    |-o---o---o---o--|
BD |-o--------------|   |----------------|
      1   2   3   4         1   2   3   4  
ST |-o---o---o---o--|X2  |-o---o---o---o--|X2
FT |-o---o---o---o--|   |-o---o---o---o--|
BD |-o-------o------|    |-o---o---o---o--|
SD |-o-------o-------|
ST |---o---o---o---o-|
FT |-----o-------o---|
BD |-o-------o-------|
Then straight into chorus drums...
CC |-o--------------------------------------|
HH |------x----x----x----x----x----x----x---|  Fill
SD |------o-o-------o-o-------o-o-------o-o-|  (See Below)
BD |-o---------o--o------o--o------o--o-----|
     1    2    3    4    1    2    3    4
Choose one - alternate every four bars...
1 CC |--------o-|
  HH |----o-----|
  SD |-o-o--o-o-|
  BD |--------o-|
2 CC |----o----o-| <- Use different crashes if you have more than 1!
  SD |-o-o--o-o--|
  BD |----o----o-|
3 CC |-------------o-|
  SD |-o-o-----------|
  ST |-----o-o-------| 
  FT |---------o-o---|
  BD |-------------o-|
Before the verse there is a part on the hi-hat which goes like this:
CC |-o-------------------o----------------|
HH |------o----o----o---------o----o----o-|  X4
BD |-o-------------------o----------------|
Then straight into the verse:
            R   L  R         R   L  R
ST |------------o----------------o-----------| <- Work on sticking for this
SD |--------o----------------o---------------|    part.
FT |---------------o----------------o--------|
BD |-o---o------------o---o------------o---o-|  X3      This verse part goes 
                                                     on for twice as long 
Then fill with:                                      as the rest...
ST |-------------o-------------|      
SD |-----o---------------o-----| 
BD |-o-------o-------o-------o-|     
Then Rhythm section:
CC |-o---------------------------------------|
HH |------x----x----x----x----x----x----x----|
SD |------o---------o---------o----o----o----|
BD |-o---------o--o----o----o----o----o----o-|
Then straight (again) into: 
ST |-----------o-----------|
SD |--------o--------------|X3
FT |--------------o--------|
BD |-o---o-----------o---o-|


Tabbed by Ben Coley