My december by Linkin Park


Bas du formulaire

   (Intro/0:10)   (0:24)

S |-----------o-o-o-o--|

B |--b-------b---------|




C |--c-------------|

H |--x---x---xx--x-|

S |------o-------o-|   (Repeat as needed, crash exempt at times)

B |--bb-b-b-bb--b-b|




China |--x---x---x----|

S     |----------o----|  (Repeat as needed)

B     |-bbb--b--b---bb|


This is the main beat of the song (as far as I can tell)

There are a few spots where you need to use the first rhythm,

but I don't think you'd be able to play both parts at the same

time =). This is my first tab, be nice! Thanks!