Maria Maria by Santana
This song is very easy.  This is the basic beat.  Every once in a while, 
there is a pause, and of course there are congos and other percussion in the 
background.  I think this song is played on an electric set.  I guess if you were really serious and wanted to sound just like the song, you could loosley tune your bass drum, and tighten your snare heads.  I don't know why you would...

Basic Beat:
H   |x---x---x---x---|
S   |----o-------o---|
B   |o--o-o-o--------|
    (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + )

Don't speed up on the 3rd hi-hat strike because of the hi-hat.  The 4th bass 
will come a 16th before the hi-hat.

Good luck.