New Polution by Beck
NOTE: Mr.Waronker has two bass drums on his set and one sounds muffled  
and the other one gives more of a ring, so if u want it to sound right u 
should probably take the pillow out of your bass drum. I also made some 
of the measures not exactly a whole 16 notes to make the tabbing 
easier.A little trick is the bass notes are always write with the Flam 
and write with the 2nd Floor Tom.There are some Ad-Lib wind chimes at 
the end but i didn't tab them out because most people don't have them 
and u can barely hear them. There is also a tambourine shake happening.


SD= Snare Drum (F=Flam)
FT= Floor Tom
BD= Bass Drum

                 repeat 54 times               repeat 38 times
                  ____________                  ____________
                 /            \                /            \
SD o-o-Fo-o-o----|o-Fo-o-o----|----------------|o-Fo-o-o----|
FT ----------o-o-|--------o-o-|----------------|--------o-o-|
BD ----o-------o-|--o-------o-|----------------|--o-------o-|

                   THE END

Tabbed by Kenn Hodges