Zero by Smashing Pumpkins
SD=Snare Drum
BD=Bass Drum
Rd=Ride Cymbal
MT=Mid Tom

OK, here's your basic beat for the song:

Rd: 1n1n 2n2n 3n3n 4n4n
SD: nn1n nn2n nn3n nn4n
BD: 11n1 22n2 33n3 44n4

And the part where he says "Emptiness is lonliness....." goes:

MT: 111n}                          MT: 11nn
SD: 111n} Repeat 2x, then play:    SD: 11nn
BD: 111n}                          BD: 11nn

There's one other part too, and many, many fills that you can just barely
hear.  Good luck!'ll need it.
Tabbed by Nat Carsten